Kaardocian law states that there shall always be three kings on the Kaardocian throne. This law was passed in the year 10, with the kings Kalem, Antev, and Vamil being the first official kings. The Kaardocian Originals had plans to establish a monarchy long before Pardossa was built, but due to many drawbacks the law was not written until much later. When the law was passed it was known as the Monarchy Law, but in the year 175, the King Gagon had rewritten law, abolishing the law so his son, the great King Lothomma would rule alone. In the year 216 however King Lothomma had changed law back, renaming it to the Three Kings Law, so Kaardocia could return to its original state. Although the law doesn't officially state it, the Originals knew that there had to be three kings, so two would die and leave the strongest alone on the throne.