Kings-  Kaardocian Council, King Calyues

Allies- Kaardocia (formerly), Farehaven





The Kingdom of Pardossa was built by non-other than the GreatKin Danforth the head of all the marine militia. He was sent by his cousin King Gagon to build a kingdom so that Danforth could have a kingdom of his own and they could both rule the lands and water. Danforth built his kingdom in the middle of a lake so that it was harder to reach his kingdom and opposing forces would get lost and die at sea. Pardossa holds the secrets of his royal protector Cyos the God of Ice. Cyos helped build the walls of Pardossa and brought his snow to bring the beauty of the new kingdom, but Danforth had to go to war and from then the kingdom was put to a stop until years later when a new king will take his place and raise the walls and finish the unbuilt Kingdom known as Parodssa.