The battles written here are the major battles of the entire war. Although other battles were fought, these had an impact in the end of the war in their own way.


The most infamous war of the region, The Thirteen Years War was started by King Gagon and was fought by the kingdoms of Kaardocia, Pardossa and Paeken. It was the last recorded war and was the most costly. Nearly two hundred million soldiers lost their lives from both sides and another thousand were missing by the end of the war. 

The Battle of The Silent Forest

The Battle of The Silent Forest was the easiest battle for King Hayen's troops. Taking place in the Kapre Forest, the battle lasted for twenty four days and pitted King Hayen's infantry against Paeken's fresh recruits. Although it appeared that Paeken would come out victorious, Pardossa sent support and surrounded Paeken for three days. On the final day Paeken's remaining infantry surrendered to King Hayen's forces.

The Battle of the Bay

The Battle of the Bay was the worst naval battle in the entire war. 13 ships were sunk and it was the last naval campaign Paeken launched. King Danforth himself led the attack during the battle. The battle only lasted a few hours and in that time Paeken lost 7 ships and Pardossa had lost 6. It was during this time that Danforth's assassin's had snuck onto his boat.

The Battle for Redcoast 

The Battle for Redcoast was the most costly of the entire war. King Danforth targetted Paeken's neighbor Redcoast as a means to have a base right at the back of the enemy. As Danforth's forces moved closer toward Redcoast, Paeken sent thousands of soldiers to meet Danforth's troops. The battle lasted three months and cost King Danforth over half his men that were sent. The ones that surrendered were executed on the spot. It was Paeken's first major win.

Paekens Final Stand

Paekens Final Stand was Paeken's final major victory. By this time Paeken was struggling to keep up with its enemy's almost endless supply of soldiers. Paeken decided to send the rest of its troops to the eastern shores slong with its remaining ships. For days it seemed like the onslaught would never end but at last the enemy retreated. Paeken withdrew its troops and threw a celebration, thinking they had won the war.

Paekens Fall

In the year 158 during the Month of Rain, King Gagon personally led his forces toward Paeken and in the middle of the night, surprised the Elite Guard of Paeken. Within 45 hours the surprised Paeken army surrendered to Gagon's army and within a week the entire kingdom was ransacked and left without aid. Paeken's citizens either died in the streets of their once great kingdom or left for another.