Founded: 118

Disbanded: 163

Leader: Rak


The Pol'kep is a rebel group founded in year 118 by the unknown leader nicknamed Rak. The Pol'kep were founded to try to overthrow the supposedly corrupt Pardossian government, although in the end they fought for freedom of speech for the poor. By the year 132 the group had spread to Kaardocia , Paeken and Redcoast , reaching aroud 652 members. They attacked many government officials, almost knocking out Redcoast's government. In the year 159 however, two years after King Danforth was assassinated, the Pol'Kep were blamed because marks found on the crews bodies resembled the insignia of the clan. Any members that were sentenced to death were killed aboard the Lovely Lady, and the rest were imprisoned in old Paeken dungeons and left to rot. There is an estimated 200 Pol'Kep members that were never caught.