The Ka'vaDak were very violent people, often leading raids and killing villagers from the once great kingdom of Drachean. The Ka'vaDaks village was constently under attack, so the tribe's council voted to build a great fortress that would one day be known as the The Forbidden Fortress . These people sacrificed villagers from Drachean to please the God , and were not willing to go to war. King Gagon's army had tried to not only wipe out the Ka'daDak, but destroy their fortress too. The soldiers failed and were lucky to win the battle.

"These natives are just as bad as the others, if not worse. When we took their fortress, there was human bones all over their alter. When  we saw the bones we just destroyed the alter until nothing was left. They were onviously some kind of cannabalistic people and I sure hope none made it out." - Unknown soldier