The Girl With One Eye

There was once a young girl wandering the Pardossian streets in the year 156. During this time period Pardossa's soldiers had begun to treat citizens very poorly. The young girl had wandered away from her mothers side after being distracted by the colorful lights of the newly built Fontaine's PokeBall Co. buildings. Two soldiers had caught the little girl in the industrial restricted zone and had proceeded to stab the little girl multiple times for trespassing on private lands. She was left to die on the spot and was found days later by Fontaine workers, who dumped her body in the cemetery. Years later the residents around the pardossian cathedral talk of a restless spirit responsible for the disappearance of seven people. A group of young kids decide to spend the night in the cathedral cemetery. For a while all seemed well although they felt that they were being watched. Hours seemed to pass and the group grew uneasy, when a little girl suddenly appeared from a catacomb enterance holding a ragged teddy bear. The group noticed she was missing an eye, and soon grew worried that this girl was injured. The little girl suddenly asked where mommy was because she wanted to go home. The eldest of the group attempted to take the girl by the hand when all of a sudden the little girl screeched, her face became distorted, her bottom jaw fell from her face, her flesh began to fall and bleed as she attempted to eat her finger. The group jumped then ran into what seemed like a maze. Suddenly the cemetery changed, the neatly trimmed hedges were replaced by overgrown ones, the church lay in ruins, and Pardossa was under the sea. The group had found seven people sitting on the edge of a cliff, and they approached them. An older woman had noticed them and greeted them to the lands, explaining the in the year 158 her daughter had disappeared and she had taken her entire family to find her. They explored the young girls favorite hiding spot, the cemetery, and had found her. To their surprise the girl wasn't responding, instead she showed her family what had become of her and had ultimately sent their spirits to Naiees's world, leaving their mortal bodies behind. After explaining this the old woman had told the group they were now a part of Naiees. And a part of the little girl.