The Eu'Mira had built The Paradise Temple. They were a peaceful people, preferring to negotiate peace instead of going to war. They cared more about the land than anything, earning them the title Earth's Protectors. The Eu'Mira believed all beings were sacred, because of this flaw King Gagon's forces were able to wipe them out in two days during the final days of the Thirteen Years War.

"These people seeme harmless, they greeted us while we were walking around. They seem to trust us so they took us to their temple. They live under the thing, and the temple itself is very peaceful, it relaxed me to be there. I feel bad because they had fed us and now here we are getting ready to attack them. Something inside me hopes they can put up a fight and force us back because they don't deserve what's going to happen to them if we succeed." - Unknown