Before the year 118, Kaardocia had passed a act on their Pardossian settlement stating that the settlement will be ruled by a council, although the council still needed the kings approval before passing laws. The council would be made up of 13 members from the upper class. They would represent the entire Pardossian settlement as a whole during the council meeting in Istle. Council members would have many requirements, the biggest being they had to be Kaardocian in origin, they could not be from Istle or be born in Pardossa. They needed at least a university education, and they were voted in by the Pardossian people. Today this law does not exist. In the year 116, the last council had tried to break Pardossa away from Kaardocian law but failed, then two years later in the year 118 they had tried again but failed, this time being publicly executed for treason against the nation. After this small rebellion, king Remn abolished the law, stating that the settlement would be ruled by generals loyal to Kaardocia.