During the Thirteen Years War the gym leaders had formed a secret organization named the Prophets. The gym leaders of the flying gym and water gym began to doubt the groups motives however when they found out that they would need to steal from the innocent citizens they had befriended during their years of service. The two quickly resigned from the Prophets, making their own pact to stand together against those that challenged them. For a while the two leaders remained in their respected gyms. In the wars second year however, the gym leaders began to witness the brutality of their kingdom. Because they were against the war they decided that they could no long stay in Pardossa. The flying gym leader took to the skies, praying to Naiees and Vesrr, hoping they could grant her land in the sky. The water gym leader took a small group of citizens against the war and settled on a small island. After a few months the towns of Adrigon and Hayrein were built. During the war both new towns were constantly being harassed by the more powerful kingdoms of the region, with constant attacks. The two leaders demanded a stop to the attacks on the innocent people of their communities, a request that only Istle had agreed to obey. Kaardocian forces continued to attack both the towns until the year 156 when Istilian Ooshak secretly took out the seven ships responsible for harassing the two towns, leaving Adrigon and Hayrein remain undisturbed. After the war the leaders of both towns joined the new gym leaders, allowing their towns to be the host of the two missing gyms. Today many trainers visit Adrigon and Hayrein in hopes of earning the Flying badge and the Water badge.