Many believe that the 100 Year Civil War was caused by a horrific tragedy. The most accepted theory dates back to the year 58, when many believed that the kingdom of Paeken had become close allies to the natives of Naiees, which caused much distrust between the kingdoms of Kaardocia and Paeken. It is believed that due to this distrust, many Kaardocian ships had begun to attack Paeken ships. The most notable attack is when the KMS (Kaardocian Merchant Ship) Galioc attacked the IMS (Istilian Merchant Ship) Hadun on the 23rd day of the Month of Winds, Before Recorded Time. Documents stated that the ship had been sent to Istle to gather supplies but had run into the offending Kaardocian ship. The Hadun had reportedly been signally a white flag of peace, but that did not stop the Kaardocian ship from firing upon the unarmed Istilian ship. After at least an hour of fighting, the Hadun surrendered to the Galioc, the captain of the Galioc had ordered the Hadun to be sunk along with its cargo, and its crew all killed. The Istilian goverment had retrieved documents but refused to release them to the public. Soon after Istle announced the barbarioc actions of the KMS Galioc, riots began in the streets of the kingdoms.

Today, the great republic of Istle has released documents dating back to year 0, stating that the attacks by the new Kaardocian republic were false. The documents state that there never were any attacks by any kingdom, and so there is no true reason for the 100 Year Civil War that followed shortly after the great riots. The leaders of the two nations had been at the unveiling of the documents to apologize on behalf of the savage mistakes of the past rulers.