After king Demaos had sparked a rebellion in the prison island of Naosa, the council of Naiees had come together to discuss the issue. Istle has recently released the following documents.

On the 19th day of the Month of Harvest, year 224, king Demaos of the great Kaardocian empire has taken control of the Istilian prison nation of Naosa. Reports state Demaos had arrived the year prior, on the 11th day of the Month of Darkness. This act of betrayal against the great capital of Istle has lead to rising tensions against the two greatest settlements in the region of Naiees. The Leading Council of Naiees has voted for King Rhanio of Kaardocia to negotiate with the traitor nation of Naosa in hopes of a peaceful surrender. The negotiations are scheduled to beginning the 3rd day of the Month of Festivitiy, year 229, and if they fail an attack is scheduled to begin on or before the 13th Day of the Month of Ice, year 229