Lead: Kaardcia

Born: 165

Died: 219

Ruled: 176- 219


King Lothomma was the only son of King Gagon. Born in year 165, Lothomma was a strongheaded, brilliant boy. He respected and loved his father, and was shocked and devastated at the news of his death. He became king at the age of 11, leading the nation of Kaardocia alone due to the law being rewritten by his father. Lothomma lead the nation through peace, with his royal protector Zapdos. It wasn't until Lothomma was 19 that he discovered Gagon had rewritten the law just before he died. Lothomma had asked around the older generation folk and discovered it to be true, somewhere in the kingdom there were two more kings, owners of the other two eggs that had never hatched. While searching through his fathers war journals he noticed Gagon continued writing about a secret from The Kingdom of Paeken, about him never knowing what it truely was. Curious, Lothomma quickly sent soldiers to retrive the truth and it shocked the king. Although that is a story for another day, Lothomma quickly sent his children away, giving them their rightful egg, and changed Kaardocia's law to allow three kings at the throne, instead of one. And so he lived a lonely life in the castle until his death in year 219 during The Month of Great Floods. He lived to be 54.