The wonder plant in Naiees, often called Vesrr's necter because it is believed to grow in Vesrr's sacred land, it is illegal in all eight settlements of Naiees. Found in the year 4, the plant was believed to heal the body quicker then known remedies therefore it was widely used during the 100 Year Civil War. It was banned in the year 132 after Istilian king Lekeas almost jumped out of a window while under the drugs effects. After years of studying it was found the drug makes those that take it hallucinate or in rare cases makes the user feel like they are invincible. Since its founding there have been thousands of deaths and many more injured. Anyone found with Kea is sentenced to 34 years in prison simply because of how dangerous the drug is. The drug hype died out in the year 183 but has recently resurfaced with sales made by the Respiron clan.