A small backround of the most infamous woman in the entire region, Kaardocia's lovely lady. Jametas Amrsa is commonly known as Kaardocia's lovely lady. She comes from a wealthy family, spending her childhood living in Pardossa. Jametas's mother had died when she was 7 years of age, causing Jametas to spend all her time indoors with her mothers belongings. Jametas's father had tried to fill the void in her life with expensive gifts, as she referred to in her journal, " By 5 I already had three horses, every girls dream right?" Around the year 116 Jametas suffered a terrible loss, her father had been sentenced to death for treason against Kaardocia. After that day, she considered herself to be alone. She quickly left her old life behind and sailed for Kaardocia, in hopes of killing the king responsible for her fathers death. Jametas spent a long two and a half weeks on the streets before she joined the brutual Pol'Kep clan, and thats where the legacy of the Lovely Lady began. Those that knew Jametas say she was outgoing, confident and could hold her own. These were all true and would prove to be useful if she was to avenge her fathers unjust death. After she had joined the clan, Jametas would frequently attend upper class balls in hopes of finding the king. She would continue this for years while also performing tasks for her superiors, which often meant she would make deliveries of illegal items like the drug Kea. When Jametas had found the king, she made a strong impression on him. She was invited to many parties and at times she was allowed inside Castle Kaardocia to visit the king. She continued to gather information and earn the kings trust for 9 years, was then engaged to the king, then on the 3rd Day of the Month of Festivity, Jametas poisoned king Remn and fled Kaardocia. After this day she returned to Pardossa to continue her work in the Pol'Kep clan. She lived through the Thirteen Years War, the forgotten war, and has seen the beginnings of the recent Second Civil War. Jametas lived until the year 232, when she died at the age of 105 on the 6th Day of the Month of Ice. Although the region will never know who she was, her actions will remain the most well known throughout the settlements. The name Jamestas went by during the war however, Lovely Lady of Kaardocia, was so well known that King Danforth named his private galleon after her famous nickname.