Long ago in a time before man was created, two Gods ruled the land and sky of a humble world but were kept separated by their opposing forces. The Sky God who kept the stars in their place and held the peaceful time was named Paitress and the Earth God Destrum who kept the earth intact and grew the life of the world. Paitress flew in the sky and was separated from his far away friend Destrum. The God of Earth grew lonesome since no life was on the world he kept intact. The two Gods decided to create a new life that could  settle their lonely hearts. Paitress sent stars and time down to Destrum while she sent her Plants of Life and Hope. The four items collided and sent seeds down to Destrum and thus she planted those seeds in her Ground. She fed life into them and grew man and new Gods who would create a world where the two Gods could fulfill their hearts and be happy in a world they created together but how long would their happiness last.