Leaders: Ossa Sudun, Kilak Sudun, Temil Sudun, Gea Poeas, Hark Poeas, Veckoa Poeas, Rudak Kkamk, Jemani Kkamk, Aomi Kkamk, Treos Kkamk Origin: Unknown

Allies: Naosa

Governments: The Sudun Empire, The Poeas Empire, The Kkamk Empire

Army: The Frequm

Police: The Tecmel


Redcoast is a growing sand village located just outside of the once great kingdom of Paeken's lands. Redcoast's villagers have a long, uneasy history in the region of Naiees. During The Thirteen Years WarKing Danforth's forces fought for control of the sand city. Shortly after in the year 158 during the Month of Great Floods, the village was nearly abandoned because the river rose above the banks. Redcoast celebrates the Grand Victory each year along with the kingdoms of Kaardocia and Pardossa. Redcoast villagers worship the god Ramnet.