Leaders: The New Farehaven Council, Amek Ackmel, Cekam Ackmel, Daek Ackmel Origins: PardossaThe Unknown

Governments: The Regional Organization, The Ackmel Empire, The Farehaven Republic

Army: The Doramak

Police: The Zakkal


After The Unknown lost their temple, their lands and their homes. Those who survived fled and settled next to the ocean, soon after they were greeted by people fleeing from Pardossa escaping its harsh rules and brutal guards. Together both sides decided to start over and build a town, away from the harsh kingdoms rules. They had made a great alter for the God Naiees. The group leaders climbed the alter with a sacrifice for the God and asked for a simple thing; forget the past and adopt a new future as a one people. Naiees took the sacrafice and then the villagers saw a flash. After the flash, Naiees flew over the newly rise mountains, making the area snow and burying the villagers past forever. The God however left the past in the mind of the leaders, because she didn't want these people to completely forget their beginnings. The people named their town Farehaven, and from then this town of wonders would become one of the industrialized towns in the region on Naiees.